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I’m Raymon Sutedjo-The,
a product/UX designer
… and I know an unusual amount of urban planning stuff (for someone who doesn’t work in the field).

My design journey officially started when I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I dabbled in fine arts before eventually graduating with a BFA in Visual Communication. I stayed in Chicago afterwards and worked at a number of digital agencies as both a visual designer and front-end developer, which gave me a broad exposure to the field.

A desire for change led me to California, where I attended UC Berkeley School of Information and focused my studies on User Experience Design. After obtaining my Masters degree, I worked at Salesforce as a product designer and built enterprise tools for businesses large and small. I recently left Salesforce and moved to Medium.

As a designer, I excel at building user-friendly digital products, crafting design systems that scale at enterprise level, and understanding how design fits within the business.

Outside of design, I’m an urban planning enthusiast and a pop culture aficionado. I might look spooky, but I’m really nice.

Raymon Sutedjo-The